Andrea was born on January 22nd 1984, in Chiari and grown with his family in Palazzolo sull’Oglio in the province of Brescia.

In 1989, at the age of five, he was selected as a soloist by Maestro Renzo Pagani for his children choir "La Rocchetta" ( in Palazzolo sull'Oglio. He had really early the chance to perform on stage in concert forms with live orchestra and choir.

In 1997, at the age of twelve, he was chosen by Maestro Alberto Donini for studying in his music school "Santa Cecilia" di Brescia (, where Andrea started his music education. He had studied hear for seven years the following material:

  • MUSIC THEORY with Maestro Bruno Strada and Maestra Patrizia Grasso;
  • PIANO with Maestro Gerardo Chimini and Maestra Claudia Franceschini;
  • ORGAN with Maestra Claudia Franceschini;
  • CHOIR and CHOIR DIRECTION with Maestro Mario Mora;
  • GREGORIAN CHANT with Maestro Alberto Donini;
  • BAROQUE SINGING by Maestra Maria Luisa Sancez Carbone.

in 1998, he was selected from Maestro Tullio Stefani for the  Cathedral's Choir of Brescia ( where he sang for three years as Children Chorister and, after the change of the voice, as Tenor Chorister.

From 2001, he was for 2 years the conductor of the San Rocco Church Choir in Palazzolo.

From November 2003 till June 2006, he studied at the Music School Civica di Casatenovo     ( Opera Singing with Maestra Edith Martelli,  ( , famous Soprano of "La Scala di Milano" that had her debut in 1957 in Edinburgh in the opera "La Sonnambula" by Vincenzo Bellini, in the role of Amina, working side by side with Maria Callas as Sonnambula.

From 2004, he took part for 3 years at the Philharmonic Choir of Brescia as Tenor.              ( )

In June 2006 he made, as an external student, the diploma of the third year as TENOR OPERA SINGER at the Conservatorium in Cremona ( under the guide of Maestra Edith Martelli.

In  2006 he played the roles of:

  • Arlecchino in "Arlecchinata" wrote by Antonio Salieri and directed by Ferdinando Guarnieri at the Stage Hall of the "Civica music school" in Casatenovo;
  • Fiorello in "Barbiere di Siviglia" by Gioachino Rossini at the Castle Garden of Palazzolo sull'Oglio, produced by CFM Riccardo Mosca ( and directed by Maestro Giuseppe Orizio.

In December 2003, he met Cristina Spinelli, choreographer and director of the Musical Academy "Show Biz" in Brescia ( She's become for him the first director, the first dancing teacher, later the first colleague and still one of the best friend. 

He studied by her for two years the following classes:

  • MODERN JAZZ (dance)
  • TAP

For Show Biz productions in 2003-2004-2005, C. Spinelli choose him for the role of:

  • TONY in the musical "West Side Story".
  • WIZARD in the musical of "The Wizard of Oz".
  • FROLLO in the musical "Quasimodo".

In the same years, he studied:

In June 2006 he passed the audition for the professional musical theater Academy of Milan:      "La Scuola del musical" SDM ( and has been admitted for the same year. Here he became a professional musical performer in the 2008, studying 35 hours  a week the following classes

  • MODERN JAZZ with Gail Richardson and Daniela Gorella
  • BALLET with Daniela Gorella e Daniela Resta
  • TAP with Gail Richardson
  • ACROBATIC with Gabriella Crosignani
  • SINGING with Stefania Calcagnini, Lena Biolcati, Rossana Landi, Marco Trifone
  • CHOIR with Simone Manfredini
  • MUSICAL THEATER'S HISTORY with Franco Travaglio
  • ACTING with Ilaria Amaldi, Marco Brancato (in art Gipeto)
  • MUSICAL THEATER DIRECTION with Federico Bellone and Saverio Marconi

For SDM, Andrea is on stage in the musicals:

In 2008 he became singing and acting teacher for the Musical Theater Academy "Show Biz" in Brescia and Sirmione del Garda, side by side at the musical theater director Cristina Spinelli. This is the year when Cristina entrusted to Andrea, the Music Direction of her new production of “PETER PAN, IL MUSICAL”.

From June 2009 until October 2010 he worked for COMPAGNIA DELLA RANCIA (

in the original production of "PINOCCHIO IL GRANDE MUSICAL"; music written by the famous Italian pop group POOH 

and directed by Saverio Marconi.(

He has played the show in Ensemble position, for more than 300 times in the following cities and theaters during this tourné:

In the summer of 2010 he worked as singer and dancer for ART & SHOW ( in the holiday camping "Villaggio dei Fiori" in Jesolo (

In 2010 he attended the professional MUSICAL DANCE MASTER ACADEMY in Milan, directed by Chiara Cattaneo in which he graduated the following year. ( .

In MDMA, he studied musical theater in English and German with: 

From 2011 till 2015 he worked for Aida Cruises Entertainment that is based in Hamburg ( In 5 contracts he played 20 different shows and many different positions as dancer, all-round and singer.

 5 Contracts with Aida Entertainment:

  • 20.03.11/31.08.11  as  Dancer (M5) - the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea - Aida Aura
  • 16.03.12/17.11.12  as  Allrounder (M4) - Caribbean Sea - Aida Aura
  • 20.12.12/20.03.13  as  Allrounder (M4) - Canary Islands - Aida Aura
  • 15.08.13/20.04.14  as  Allrounder (M4) - Asia  - Aida Cara
  • 15.08.14/09.03.15  as  Singer (M3) - Canary Island - Aida Aura

20 Shows played for Aida:

  • Leinen Los - Welcome show
  • Baila - latino style
  • Beat Club -jazz style
  • Schlager - pool party
  • Schlager Granaten - pool party
  • Heart & Soul - rock style
  • Ich glotz TV - Contact TV show
  • All around the world - pool party
  • Holiday - pool party welcome show
  • Don't Stop - Contact show in 90's style
  • Dangerous Love - Michael Jackson Tribute Show
  • Es War Einmal - role: Tailor/Rumpelstilzchen/Hänsel- Musical Theater
  • Reise - Musical theater Format
  • Faszination der Steine - permormnig art show with special laser effects
  • Go west - role: John - Musical Theater show in Country Style
  • Reif für die Insel - Solist -  Welcome show
  • 007 - Tribute at the Movies of James Bond
  • Polaris - Solist - Performing Art show with special Projection effects
  • A New Flame - Tribute to Simple Red 
  • More than a Feeling - 80/90's style show

In 2013 the Club Director of Aida Cruise Mr. Harald Bernberger noted the Andrea's vocal qualities and decided to create a specific format-evening called ROSSINI OPERA DINNER in witch Andrea performed  for a selected group of Aida guests, a classical concert with a program of Arias and duets from the Operas LA TRAVIATA, RIGOLETTO, BARBIERE DI SIVIGLIA, TOSCA, THE MAGIC FLUTE, L'ELISIR D'AMORE, WEST SIDE STORY.

At the same time, Andrea took:

  • the Direction of the musical "Brilla con Noi" produced by CFM Riccardo Mosca (
  • The Music Direction of "La Sirenetta- The musical" for Phoenix Musical Theater Company of the Conservatorium in Cagliari (, for which he has been the vocal coach and choir director.

In May 2015, he has been chosen from the original Australian team of "Love Never Dies" for the musical LIEBE STIRBT NIE  ( produced by Stage Entertainment Germany ( at the Operettenhaus Theater in Hamburg. Andrea worked as Swing, playing in 5 different male ensemble tracks of the show, included the stilt man.

Andrea had the honor, during this production, to work with in person and with the Conductor of the Phantom of Opera of Broadway (Majestic Theater), Kristen Blodgette

The show has been played 390 times.

Andrea had the honor, during this production, to work with Andrew Lloyd Webber in person and with the Conductor of the Phantom of Opera of Broadway (Majestic Theater), Kristen Blodgette.

From November 2016 till January 2017, Andrea lives in Lüneburg where he studies German and graduates at level B1 in Linguistic Institute for jobs IBB (

After a period of dance training in ON STAGE ( Hamburg, he takes part at the 21° Edition of Operette Summer Festival produced by Deutche Kammerphilarmonie Schönebeck (Elbe) (, playing as musical performer (Ensemble) in the Operette “Das Schwarzwaldmâdel” in June an July 2017 for 22 shows. 

Since October 2017Andrea is in the Chor of Lüneburg Stadt Theater.

His first collaboration with this theater included the Christmas Concerts 2017. 

In the beginning of January 2018, he has taken part as dancer at the TV SHOW 


during the Mamma Mia Madley and the Folklore Dance.

In January 2018 he became singing teacher for the music school FIT IN MUSIC in Lüneburg, where, in addition to private lessons in singing, held workshops for choral singing in the musical theater’s repertoire.

In February 2018, he is engaged as guest chorister for the production of the Opera "Carmen" by Bizet at the Lüneburg State Theater with performances until the end of May 2018. Music direction: Maestro Thomas Dorsch, Direction: Mr. Hajo Fouquet.

In April 2018, he is on stage in  "Don Giovanni in the Underworld" (original title "Don Giovanni in der Unterwelt" with re-elaboration and movements of music taken from Mozart's Don Giovanni directed by Alicia Geugelin and produced by Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hamburg. The show played 7 times in April 2018.

In the months of June and July 2018 he is on stage, as a tenor of the chorus and solo dancer, in the operetta "Der Vogelhändler" produced by the orchestra Mitteldeutsche Kammerphilharmonie of Schönebeck conducted by Maestro Gerald Oskamp.

Since August 2018, Andrea is First Tenor of the Haus Chor of Lüneburg State Theater..